franz - unser kleinster
französische fenster für den 6. wiener gemeindebezirk

the idea of this smallest possible innerurban open space is the visual enlargement of a perfectly renovated fourth floor apartment, which is located in a typical vintage building in the old part of vienna. the newly added french windows - facing in a south-easterly direction - tell three classic garden stories. strolling through the apartement, the residents´ view passes three garden rooms: the meadow-garden, a rural flower-experiment, comes into view first. its neophyte plants will spread their seeds among the garage roofs which are situated below the planters, and therefore widen the garden to a larger scale. at the same time, this type of arrangement will be symbolic for the „wild“ part of the urban apartment space.

the view from the kitchen- and dining area points toward the herb garden of the lady of the house, who also happens to be an expert chef. in the sleeping area, the water garden reflects the morning sun onto the ceiling, creating a unique atmosphere above the bed in the morning. the construction of the „gardens“ consists of an all-encompassing steelframe construction, carrying three rectangular planting containers at a time. the removable pots keep the system modular and flexible.

one can step out onto the 16-inch wide miniature balkony. the steelframe itself provides the static load-bearing construction, als well as the necessary anchoring, railing, and trestle for the planting system. the state of the beginning oxidation on the metal frame was arrested such that its color scheme will remain as is, which now goes perfectly with the color concept of the apartment. the inner and outer spaces fuse together, visually becoming one entity.

balconies such as these go to show that the classic, private open space is not necessarily indispensable. sometimes a small, well-designed porch can indeed serve as a solution to improving the quality of life in a limited-space residence, and thus bring with it also a heightened enjoyment of life in the city.

auftraggeber: privat im eigenbau
größe: 3x 0,6m2
kooperation: m. zilker, einszueins architekten
veröffentlichung: best privat plots 2006
bilder: ).(, g. erlacher, m. zilker

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